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Pickle Juice [26 Sep 2010|02:49pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

I love drinking pickle juice....

What I find odd is... how does Owen not figure out who's been drinking the pickle juice?????

I'm the ONLY one who lives with him.. besides 3 cats and 1 dog. Seriously.... when he saw me drinking the pickle juice, he exclaims, "That's what has been happening to my pickle juice?!!"

I really wonder what he thought.. was the pickles soaking them up at an alarming rate? Were they evaporating?? What is the great mystery of pickle juices!?!!!


I want some pickle juice ^_^

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[ mood | contemplative ]

Hello hello hello,

So even though I use facebook... I feel this would satisfy my journal-like needs.

This will take time to get in the groove again... HOWEVER, I write novels in the limited amount of space in facebook. More than likely, I'll be back in the saddle-- screw that-- rocket ship!!

My motivation to come back to journaling and livejournal is slightly... uh.... greed motivated... BWAHAHAHA

I will like to call this: Cheese, pancakes, and dog. ^_^



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Time Capsule [28 May 2009|04:10pm]
Interesting... I've erased all traces in past entries.. and thinking about it, livejournal has been abandoned for other social networking type sites. In a way-- the true "journaling" has been taken away.... kind of sad. To people who rather talk about "on road" or "on toilet" twitters... which I refuse to ever use that site.

Although, I began looking at other people's journals and it's such a trip... blast from the past... lost relics of written thoughts. One of them was kind of creepy and weird, I scowled-- forgetting that this was years and years ago... how odd? Frozen thoughts and memories in cyber-space.
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Writing da eeee--mail [22 Jun 2007|03:38pm]
:) I haven't wrote a livejournal entry in forever... although I dont feel compelled to since no one ever reads this!! *laughs* I like myspace better.

One day... I want a GPS system in my car and to carry around. Why? Cause it knows all the cool stuff in my hood!
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